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  1. Sounds very good! Thx for sharing
  2. Hadnt thought about the duration Since its mastered from cd I dont even want it
  3. Tracklist: Another Way (Tanzen Mix) Another Way (LP Mix) Another Way (Radio Cut) Another Way (Angeli In Festa) Another Way (Tanzen Vision Rmx) Cool to see Angeli in Festa, which beg the question. Why not include the Forte Forte mix of LT on the LT vinyl?
  4. I think the biggest reason is far more boring Many of those you mention were in their early 20’s back in 2004-2008. A normal time for people to try different things and become hooked on a musical style. So what happened? We grew up, and got establised with kids and careers. I don’t have much time anymore as a civil engineer. And Oliver has both family and career The only one that is still very active from that time is Deejay Stella I reckon.
  5. Anyone know where to find it in lossless quality? No show on Tidal as of yet.
  6. Then call it a mini album Call it what you want as Gigi says on Facebook
  8. I really love this song! I think the vanilla commercial versions of the three single releases the last 3 years ago have become better and better. Though, for In My Mind Gigi was apparently barely involved. Off course I am looking forward to a Gigi and Luca mix, but I am happy with this until then.
  9. This is what I hear The beauty of this mystery...rubs offand makes us fly awaytogether...
  10. Nobody else wants to share their list?
  11. Years we waited for physical albums like Mondo Reale and most recently Psico Dance. We never got them sadly, however we in recent years we have gotten a lot of digital tracks. So many in fact that all of us easily could fill a double cd album. So here is the challenge Like in the Il Cammino Compilation thread, share your favourite 2 CD album that you would wish to see as an actual release. But this time focus on Gigi's (and Luca's) newer style. I will start off, here is my Realtà Dance (mashup of mondo REALe and psico DANCE) CD 1 01 Gigi D'Agostino - Another Way (Interludio) 02 Gigi D'Agostino - In My Mind (Gigi Dag & Luca Noise Pervert Mix) 03 Gigi D'Agostino - But Not Tonight (Gigi Dag & Luca Noise Dance Mix) 04 Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Romantic (L'Amour Mix) 05 Gigi D'Agostino - Strange Connection (Gigi Dag & Luca Noise Eldorado Mix) 06 LA Vision & Gigi D'Agostino - Hollywood (Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise Viaggio Mix) 07 Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - He's A Pirate 08 Scialadance - Il Mio Canto Libero 09 Scialadance - Hotel California 10 Gigi D'Agostino - Guarda Insieme A Me (Solo Musica Mix) 11 Gigi D'Agostino - Keep Your Head Up 12 Gigi D'Agostino - Buena Onda 13 Scialadance - Lemon Tree (Gigi Dag Mix) 14 Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Words Of Love (Instrumental Dance Mix) 15 Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Joyful 16 Scialadance - Knights Of Cydonia 17 Gigi D'Agostino & Lento Violento - Lonely Day 18 Gigi D'Agostino - Starlight (Gigi D'Agostino Machine) 19 Gigi D'Agostino - Sun Is Rising 20 Scialadance - No Controles CD 2 01 Lento Violento - Lentonauta 02 Gigi D'Agostino & Lento Violento - In My Mind (Sueño Lento Mix Gigi Dag & Luca Noise) 03 Lento Violento - Soy Libre 04 Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Stornello (Disco Mix) 05 Gigi D'Agostino & Lento Violento - Osservo (Dance Mix Gigi Dag & Luca Noise) 06 Gigi D'Agostino - Gigi's Time (Lento Violento Mix) 07 Scialadance - Oceano 08 Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Cosa Rap 09 Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Royals 10 Gigi D'Agostino - Discovery 11 Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Sali Scendi 12 Gigi D'Agostino & Lento Violento - Another Way (Slower Mix) 13 Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Canter 14 Gigi D'Agostino - Hat A Deep Into 15 Scialadance - Trip Trance (Acid Art) 16 Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Smoke A Beat 17 Lento Violento - Lentongion (Treno Lento Mix) 18 Gigi D'Agostino & Lento Violento - Osservo (Treno Mix Gigi Dag & Luca Noise) 19 Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Lordly 20 Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Smoderanza 21 Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Tempo Magico 22 Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat)
  12. Yeah I know. That movie just does things to your mind, especially after a glass of wine. So my initial thought was that, and for a second it seamed reasonable
  13. Damn! I think I am trippin right now! Just watched Tenet for the second time, come on to YouTube to see Gigi posting videos of him playing Lento Violento’ish sounds in 1994, and in my mind the only rational explanation is Gigi has inverted himself, traveling backwards in time and creating Lento Violento in the past!
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