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  1. I would like to hear these commercial songs in normal Gigi's style.
  2. Girl, Son, Mother, Father, (Smalltown, Gypsy) Boy. But where is Daughter?
  3. Tangology, Lentologia, Zarrology. Professore Dag!
  4. He played Cerimonia in 2-3 pieces like Hermosa Locura.
  5. Noise Maker Theme (Mantra Dag Personal Trip 2007 Extended Mix) is very similar to Musikakeparla (Onironauti Tanz). Strange that it was not played in Cammino.
  6. Hung Up has 44100 whereas two remaining 48000.
  7. Madrigale... Strong candidate for the longest official title ever!
  8. Love & Melody is the exact cut of Such A Shame 3:37-6:22.
  9. I think that rounds should be shorter. We have 3 overdue albums. My proposition: 3 days.
  10. I think about digital releases... Is there any technical reason to compresse to 80 min?
  11. However, outro (daba bada da....) suggests that this is Davide.
  12. Web-mixes versions much much better (maybe without My Dreams), but ok, let it be...
  13. Slower version of Hymn is the best here! CAPOLAVORO! One of best song ever!
  14. By the way, when will he learn that "( text )" is a mistake? Annoying manner...
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