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  1. It should contains 11 tracks as far as I know...
  2. And Warlock versions are different too. What is the release date for the Xandex one?
  3. B sideS is diffrrent from B side. Despite different years. Then if Bullit is the one I think, It's a great one
  4. Never spoiling sources but I can say world is big and there are different time zones...
  5. This is the official tracklist of first Circo Uonz Ep to be released tomorrow: 1) Warm Up (Lento Violento & Astro Musico Mix) 2) Suono Groove (Move Your Space 2015 Mix) 3) What To Say (Speak and Move 2016 Mix) 4) Smoderanza (Psico Acid Art 2016 Mix) I like almost the whole Ep from previews
  6. There are more than hundred unreleased songs resistered on youtube since a couple of years. It doesn't have any correlation with these Circo Uonz EPs...
  7. As predicted the dedicated event flyer of 26.02 disappeared from https://www.gigidagostino.com/ homepage too.
  8. Obviously it will be cancelled or at least postponed a few days before (like happened for the same event last November). I'm not even sure Gigi will ever come back to live performing actually, let's pray for his health status.
  9. a bit disappointed to have only 6 tracks in the new "album" but I hope TuttoDag and Lento Violento uploads on youtube will go on much frequently
  10. https://frankietedesco.bandcamp.com/album/buono-ma-lento
  11. I doubt that volume 2 will be the same tracks in the extended mix, maybe only 2-3 of them! Will see in 2021 I reckon... perhaps the Christmas/Gigi's Birthday gift would be Gigi Collection vol 3 imho (even though I'll prefere a new Scialadance album!) ;)
  12. https://www.junodownload.com/products/federico-romanzi-obscurae-nubes/4820824-02/
  13. won't believe it... another drama on the way... I'll believe it this TIME only after seeing release date and tracklist on official stores, hoping that's not only a single coming out...
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