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  1. It's a single release... Apple music: https://music.apple.com/ch/album/the-love-do-do-single/1570434032?l=it Spotify:
  2. Like the melody...can be a summer hit is you ask me! Pre-safe here: https://umusic.digital/inout/
  3. What an other great release! Cammino and tribe classics from 2006, waited for about 15 years...absolutely great release Swan lake and Tempo Mente are my favorites
  4. Ouh... 6 tracks only... Didn't see that one coming... Curious about the other 4 tracks, maybe "Station"? Since that song is also Lento Violento & Astro Musico.....
  5. Well said Kazin!!! It's only speculation whether the tracks are produced by Mondello/Viviana only, or if Gigi is involved also.... since we weren't there, we simply don't know the facts. Same for the releases this time, maybe Gigi and Mondello has made an arrangement together for (un)released tracks where Mondello has worked on... Fact is, the officially released tracks are now credited to Gigi (and some Luca Noise as well) For the rest, please cut the crap...it's only rumors and speculation based on no more than stories In the end, is it important? I don't think so, I'm happy that all those great Lento music is seeing the light eventually, after all those years...and I don't bother what artist name is on it
  6. I recon to be a bit more patient, and not to draw conclusions this fast..... "Ripercussioni (Extended Mix)" for example was first released only on Youtube, and now also on the digital platforms. Eventually most of the tracks will see the light on digital platforms as well...patience is the key word here....
  7. It still is, since Gigi officially said before. This is a service by Amazon, if you want you can buy all previous releases on CD. Those CDs are printed by Amazon , and are not official physical products
  8. Out of the blue, Gigi has released an EP under his alias "Gigi Noise Maker" The EP has the titel Lasciatemi Perdere - Improvvisazioni Sonore - Viaggi Senza Destinazione ( 1991 - 2021 ) and contains 6 tracks. 1. Animo Lunatico (Mantra Dag personal trip 1993 Mix) 8:08 2. Forme Riflesse 4:06 3. Ripercussioni (Extended Mix) 5:23 4. Luci E Ombre 4:03 5. Certi Colpi 3:03 6. Dire Non Dire 3:04 Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/it/artist/gigi-noise-maker/1557935579 YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8_evTBhjF_OekM1Dm1ZMZQ Spotify profile: Tidal: https://tidal.com/browse/artist/23928438
  9. It's a single release, and available on all digital platforms... By now! https://fanlink.to/magna-romagna-sputnik
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