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  1. What I hear: End the scene now... (notice that the pronunciation of 'scene' is almost identical to 'in the scene of a lonely night'
  2. This is what I can make of it, the last sentence is still a bit unclear to me: Fate, Is just like a big question mark, Falling from the stars above. If you don't like a surprise, You should better (start)? get used to it.
  3. And The Prodigy took those "Ey" samples from "The Art Of Noise - Close (To The Edit)"
  4. Thanks ! I was searching for this release for a very long time.
  5. I don't know about the source of these specific songs, but I do know that it isn't rocket sience to record te line output of a mixing desk. The source of these songs might as well be the direct output from one of Gigi's live performances.
  6. I just tried to buy it for one Euro, he charges € 150,- for shipping costs (even though the advertisement states € 8,50 for worldwide shipment). And now it's time to cancel the order, I don't think Ebay supports the abuse of shipping costs...
  7. 1:00 Anne Cherchait L'Amour (Elli E Jacno) - Wow :)
  8. Wow, this is fantastic news ! I do really hope that this release contains a complete version of Love Has Been Waiting, and not a shortened/mixed version. Although looking at the large number of tracks I'm afraid the songs are mixed into eachother...
  9. Some examples of 'Pre- 2000 Titel und Remixe': Satellite - Made of Stone (1993) (Written by Sordini, Di Agostino, Gabutti, Molinaro) Mauro Picotto - In 2 My Life (D'Agostinstrumental Mix) (1997) Neurone - Into The Bytes (1994) (Written by Di Agostino, M. Generale) Tin Drums - Tin Drums (1994) (Written by Di Agostino, M. Generale) Nicolló Fabi - Il Giardiniere (Gigi D'Agostino Remix) (1997) Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Gigi D'Agostino Remix) (1999) Voyager - City Of Night (1994) (Gigi was a member of Voyager during their first three releases) John Robinson - I Believe (1996) (Written by G. Bortolotti, L. Di Agostino, J. Robinson, M. Picotto) And I could list many more if you want.
  10. It's the red SIAE sticker, including the Cat# and release title. Do you have any hard evidence that the red SIAE sticker is used from 1996 to 1997? This could prove that the company Sleeve Creative Nature Vol. 2 is indeed a reissue, since this release contains the red sticker.
  11. I have just recieved my sealed copy of Progressive Hyperspace - Volume #1 (Cassette). Serialnumber: S 00003151 And The Flame (Remixes) is now listed twice under two different headers.
  12. In 2 My Life and In 2 My Life (Special Mixes) are two different releases, with two diffferent tracks related to Gigi see: http://www.discogs.com/RAF-By-Picotto-In-2-My-Life/release/464984 --- Temptation (Megamind Mix) http://www.discogs.com/RAF-By-Picotto-In-2-My-Life-Special-Mixes/release/140860 --- In 2 My Life (D'Agostinstrumental Mix) I do also have both releases, although my Special Mixes has no SIAE sticker.
  13. I wish I had te misprinted Laboratorio 3, I do have the corrected version. Lento Violento S.I.A.E. sticker: Shakira - Objection (Tango) sticker: I have bought this release second hand, there might be a possibility that the CD was placed in another case, but since the SIAE sticker mentions Sony Music (which is the copyright holder, publisher and probably more) I think that this is the original slimline jewel case with sticker.
  14. CD's Gigi D'Agostino - Ieri E Oggi Mix, Vol 1 --- DP 0075347910 Gigi D'Agostino - Ieri E Oggi Mix, Vol 2 --- DP 0212522393 Shakira - Objection (Tango) --- S 28302071 Gigi D'Agostino - At Altromondo Part II --- S 00000878 Gigi D'Agostino - Laboratorio 3 --- S 00004163 Gigi D'Agostino - Some eXperiments --- S 00008564 Gigi D'Agostino - Lento Violento ...E Altre Storie --- DN 0001771457 (Dest. Vendita / Noleg. Vietato) Gigi D'Agostino - Suono Libero --- S 00014685 (Produzione Italiana)
  15. Are you only interested in direct Gigi releases, or also remix releases (Like Cada Vez)? Anyway, I'm going through my record collection right now, I might list my CD collection soon. Unfortunately, some stickers are unreadable/gone, and the stamped SIAE releases have no serialnumber... Records: Negrocan - Cada Vez (Heart Beat, HB 089) --- S 00003872 Kaliya - Ritual Tibetan (Media Records, W/BXR 014) --- S 00002592 Adam Austin - The Way - Motorway (GFB Records, GFB 152) --- S 00000998 Noise Maker - Movimento (Underground, UND 1030) --- S 00001713 Gigi D'Agostino - Music: An Echo Deep Inside (BXR, BXR 1010) --- S00002260 R.A.F. By Picotto - In 2 My Life (GFB Records, GFB 133) --- S00002904 John Robinson - I Believe (GFB Records, GFB 093) --- S00001662 Fine Young Cannibals - The Flame (Remixes) (GFB Records, GFB 097) --- S00000537 Nicolo' Fabi - Il Giardiniere (Media Italiana, MDI 017 MIX/V) --- S00000647 Gigi D'Agostino & Daniele Gas - Creative Nature Vol. 2 (Metrotraxx, MXX 0009, Company Sleeve, Stickered SIAE) --- S 00001672 Gigi D'Agostino - Gin Lemon E.P. (BXR, BXR 1022/1/2/3) --- S 00003256 Cassettes: Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours (Media Records, ALB/003 MC) --- S 00536594
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