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  1. Merkst du wirklich den Unterschied zwischen einem Flac und einem MP3 in diesem Genre?
  2. https://www.discogs.com/it/Rave-Tirolers-Feat-Adolfo-Gruber-Uipy/release/15438356 Wussten Sie, dass es Jahre später, vor ein paar Monaten, herauskam? Es wäre schön, wenn Tracks von der CD Disco Tanz auch als Espana Cani Il folklorista veröffentlicht würden
  3. https://hearthis.at/davideejay/set/tanzstyle-questione-di-cassa/?fbclid=IwAR1k4Lu7SmoaGRZtcVJe9OSlqnqHEJXtcvqjADMpW7r4TjzKOfL4n9s5Bdw very interesting mixset... Pandolfi, JYNNGOLD, zeta reticuli..... and in free download...
  4. http://www.angsalazio.org/dj-mr-dendo-e-un-cd-per-lautismo/ :D
  5. I have come across on this track: Je ne t'aime plus - David Garcet ... In a few minutes it seems "Arcobaleno" qith more speed... O_O who ispired who? ps Sorry if you have already reported in the forum, I did not find anything through google
  6. I would not want to drop certain "myths", however, I came across the official channel of Viani, from what he says that he was only a producer and arranger of this song ... You see how he writes in the comments of the song ... I knew it all songs with the signing of Gigi Dag, are born out of his hands, but sometimes ... (but i imagine some well for other artists from the big "name" ... it's all image and marketing)
  7. Hello, I am Daniel and I am Italian. has long been expected that an EP of the genre. I have already bought several times with DJSHOP.DE. Wanted to ask, is reliable as regards the lossless? I always buy in FLAC but I had the doubt (as has happened on Junodownload) LOSSLESS that the file was actually LOSSY
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