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  1. Mr Dendo - Adamante

    http://www.angsalazio.org/dj-mr-dendo-e-un-cd-per-lautismo/ :D
  2. Gigi D'Agostino - Lento Violento ...E Altre Storie

    I have come across on this track: Je ne t'aime plus - David Garcet ... In a few minutes it seems "Arcobaleno" qith more speed... O_O who ispired who? ps Sorry if you have already reported in the forum, I did not find anything through google
  3. Zur Entspannung

    I would not want to drop certain "myths", however, I came across the official channel of Viani, from what he says that he was only a producer and arranger of this song ... You see how he writes in the comments of the song ... I knew it all songs with the signing of Gigi Dag, are born out of his hands, but sometimes ... (but i imagine some well for other artists from the big "name" ... it's all image and marketing)
  4. Mr Dendo - The Origins EP

    Hello, I am Daniel and I am Italian. has long been expected that an EP of the genre. I have already bought several times with DJSHOP.DE. Wanted to ask, is reliable as regards the lossless? I always buy in FLAC but I had the doubt (as has happened on Junodownload) LOSSLESS that the file was actually LOSSY