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vor 9 Stunden schrieb vaki:

This is BS... yes, Di Carlo made some pre-versions of some tracks like Pioggia E Sole, Risveglio etc., which we can hear on Youtube... but the versions released by Gigi are on an other level of production. 
I don't think that Di Carlo alone could make these Gigi tracks in the way, in which we know them. His own tracks sound more simple and rough...

What's the purpose of this video, I don't get it? His name was mentioned in the credits, so it's not a secret, that he worked with him on some tracks.

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At the beginning you are right. Di Carlo appeared at credits. Also Mondello in Some eXperiments. But later... None of them. Even if they were authors of the songs. Pioggia e Sole in Suono Libero... I don't remember Di Carlo surname in credits, but I remember Mindsjourney in Il Trip Del Vagabondo, even if this track was written and produced entirely by Mr Dendo. Modem by Romanzi? The same story. So yes, Gigi is businessman and he rules copyright from a mogul position. 

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I think these are only half truths. Gigi was involved with many producers. They gave him demos, but he also added his skills to the finished songs. 
I can't believe that Gigi would just buy songs.

It is interesting, however, that many songs were released with only Gigi as the author, when we know who else were co-authors. What was the need for this? And this may be the reason for the conflict with many of his older co-authors. 

In the case of Stefano, there are about 20 songs whose authors are not listed on the CDs. Example : Bisogna Lavorare, Distorsione Dag … 

There were about 100 comments under the TikTok video and someone wrote that Mauro Picotto's songs were also written by others and compared him to Gigi. It's funny to think, since Mauro was an author or producer on at least 1000 vinyl releases... If he's not a good musician, who in the world is? 😂





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