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  1. I know it's an old one album, but... it's so good electro stuff. Sound of some of tracks may be familiar to you. It is a perfect blend of electro and synth pop, and somehow, predicts popularity of electro house. I highly recommend you this album!
  2. Magna Romagna is now on BandCamp. It's a great way to buy their music! https://magnaromagna.bandcamp.com/
  3. You can find some other Stefano's tracks at BandCamp. Links below: https://synthetic-records.bandcamp.com/ https://thetrueundergroundsoundofrome.bandcamp.com/ All tracks are possible to buy. This one is my favorite one:
  4. I am looking for this tracks. Does anybody has it?
  5. I am really curious... I will not surprise if we will receive mixed version of "L'Amour Toujours EP" or one vinyl version of "L'Amour Toujours" LP
  6. https://luigielettrico.bandcamp.com/album/heavy-and-slow
  7. Is Gigi's FB official page still working? TuttoDag, Lento Violento is working, but Gigi D'Agostino seems to be deleted.
  8. My favorite from this release. Great La Tana Del Suono style. I remember this track from m2o Tribe - Movimenti Incorenti 8 and Gigi D'Agostino @ Max (2006-07-10).
  9. Nowadays it is a common thing to have ghost producer. Also it is not something new in entertainment industry. When for the first time I heard "Tanzen" from "Tecno Fes vol. 1" I was pretty sure that was collaboration with Mauro Picotto. To my suprise Picotto wasn't credited as a writer or producer. When Mauro Picotto released "Old But Gold" I wasn't even suprise. So, absence of Daniele Mondelle in credits it's not suprising for me at all, but it is a little shameful and disrespectful especially when Gigi was using his Mindsjourney moniker into the credits to receive the royalty from tracks that wasn't even his, for e.g.: Federico Romanzi's "Modem" or Mr. Dendo's "Il Trip Del Vagabondo". Both tracks was later released without Gigi as a composer or producer.
  10. OK, it's not about "L'Amour Toujours" but about "Music (An Echo Deep Inside)". Do you know who was the singer?
  11. "One and the same", as Giant said in Twin Peaks
  12. Stefano Di Carlo - Sinphony for a farewell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LdEm8cwHTQ
  13. Entschuldigung, dieser Inhalt kann nicht angezeigt werden, weil Du keine Erlaubnis hast, ihn zu sehen. Möglicherweise kannst Du ihn sehen, wenn Du Dich anmeldest. Thank you but I don't have access to this part of the forum
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