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  1. Das waere so schoen, wollen wir es hoffen!!!
  2. My YouTube Shorts... https://youtube.com/shorts/yuwwyzvJWTc?feature=share
  3. Jeder kann ja seinen individuellen Beitrag leisten unter #staystronggigidag Ich komme leider erst morgen dazu, ein Video zu erstellen... Will keep you posted.
  4. I am so sad and unfortunately have no connection to CasaDag, maybe they can do their own message/project afterwards...
  5. Great idea, I could as well share the vocals of this song...
  6. Yes, a crazy collage via YouTube or so might be a good idea to help/support him in this crazy world/situation. Hope he gets better soon! Will think about it the next days how to realize this project somehow...
  7. Bitte Ventilator: das einzige Gerät, was ich halbwegs zusammenbauen kann
  8. Ich auch bitte! Freue mich wie Bolle!!!
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