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  1. Google Play just removed that song from Gigi D'Agostino Planet. Only remains Adeste Fideles from Studio Zeta Anni 90 Best Collection.
  2. My bad, I'm wrong. All tracks are 320 correctly. I just checked it again with spek and it's all right.
  3. Mr Dendo self released the album on his "Mr Dendo Official Group" on facebook. All tracks are 320kbps, but anyone surpasses 256kbps.
  4. Federico Romanzi - ESC -> Federico Romanzi - Escape
  5. Mr Dendo - DnD12 -> Mr Dendo - Cuore forte Mr Dendo - DnD22 -> Mr Dendo - Intrigo Mr Dendo - DnD28 -> Mr Dendo - Amore terzinato Mr Dendo - DnD31 -> Mr Dendo - Goodbye Mr Dendo - DnD35 -> Mr Dendo - Randomanza Mr Dendo - DnD41 -> Mr Dendo - Magnitudo Mr Dendo - NTM -> Mr Dendo - Lentamente Mr Dendo - Obama Dream -> Mr Dendo - More to dream Federico Romanzi - VNS -> Federico Romanzi - Venus Rhapsody Spaghetti Trip - MPS -> Spaghetti Trip - I marinai non hanno paura delle sirene Spaghetti Trip - LAL -> Spaghetti Trip - Venere
  6. Nice tracks, I don't like all of them, but it has some of my favourite Dendo songs, like 'Lentamente'. I'm a bit dissappointed with 'Pongos'.
  7. 1. Mr Dendo - Eden (Amore unplugged) 2. Mr Dendo - Ran****anza 3. Mr Dendo - Nont***ento 4. Mr Dendo - Infinita 5. Mr Dendo - Nuvole 6. Mr Dendo - Intri*o 7. Mr Dendo - Le ***te 8. Mr Dendo - Pongos 9. Mr Dendo - Barcelletta 10. Mr Dendo - L***a*ke 11. Mr Dendo - *** Forte 12. Mr Dendo - Andove
  8. I agree with everything he says, apart from the fact that it's logical.
  9. But it's obvious that if there are two people and one doesn't agree to do it public, delete (in this case) the video or facebook pack mondello
  10. Not sure if Onironauti is from their, Gigi doesn't like group names to be linked to specific artists.
  11. That's true, but I guess it must be the price of the 'Noisemaker Hard' label.
  12. I know all this track, I have them, what are we supposed to do?
  13. Yes, but that doesn't mean it can't be Mondello could "cheat" it.
  14. That's true, there are people who only criticize him for the music he makes.
  15. Yes, but I don't see any structural similarities, although it is possible that they are the same samples, I don't see why it should be related to D&V. In any case, I'm not saying it's Gigi's style.
  16. 99% according to you, but Hermosa Locura, although it surpasses the volume peaks, it's awesome
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