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  1. 1. Mr Dendo - Eden (Amore unplugged) 2. Mr Dendo - Ran****anza 3. Mr Dendo - Nont***ento 4. Mr Dendo - Infinita 5. Mr Dendo - Nuvole 6. Mr Dendo - Intri*o 7. Mr Dendo - Le ***te 8. Mr Dendo - Pongos 9. Mr Dendo - Barcelletta 10. Mr Dendo - L***a*ke 11. Mr Dendo - *** Forte 12. Mr Dendo - Andove
  2. I agree with everything he says, apart from the fact that it's logical.
  3. But it's obvious that if there are two people and one doesn't agree to do it public, delete (in this case) the video or facebook pack mondello
  4. Not sure if Onironauti is from their, Gigi doesn't like group names to be linked to specific artists.
  5. That's true, but I guess it must be the price of the 'Noisemaker Hard' label.
  6. I know all this track, I have them, what are we supposed to do?
  7. Yes, but that doesn't mean it can't be Mondello could "cheat" it.
  8. That's true, there are people who only criticize him for the music he makes.
  9. Yes, but I don't see any structural similarities, although it is possible that they are the same samples, I don't see why it should be related to D&V. In any case, I'm not saying it's Gigi's style.
  10. 99% according to you, but Hermosa Locura, although it surpasses the volume peaks, it's awesome
  11. Damn, that's true, sorry 😁
  12. Would be nice if someone could share those files hahaha sure
  13. Is there a place where we can listen those tracks to compare them?
  14. "Hermosa Locura" was partially and softly different released by Gigi in her forum, called then as "gd4".
  15. I just bought it, why he doesn't announce it?
  16. Nop, I have it on my shopping cart
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