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  1. Just out of curiosity: what are you doing to confirm that these are joint works with Daniele Mondello? Just who published it first?
  2. Und Tidal https://listen.tidal.com/album/164778005
  3. Smoderanza is available on Spotify without "Better off alone"
  4. I have noticed something "strange" in the song Smoke a beat. The green and red chunks are exactly the same except for some cymbals, one at the beginning and six at the end. If we do not repeat it, the duration of the song is ยก1:27!
  5. It was the ideal chance to ask him about "Mondo reale"
  6. I'm comparing some songs. In "Better off alone" the intro seems the same but it has cut 10 seconds from the beginning. He has also removed the "second part" of the song. "He's a pirate" removed the 1 minute intro and added the piano intro, the rest seems to be the same, even the end.
  7. I'm not sure Gigi meant that there would be a volume 2, but it would be a double album because of the number of songs. But it's a guess. PD: No, he was talking about the first one to be released this week, so yes, must be another one. I hope with longest tracks
  8. I'm according with some of you, the tracks are shorter and looks like the demos he uploaded to casadag forum but with good quality
  9. https://www.facebook.com/federomanzi/posts/10158570407864774 Updated info
  10. Haha my bad I wanted to put "his" but the corrector changed it
  11. I had been waiting for the last song, Doompa, for a long time. To be honest, I don't think Eden's version is the best in his repertoire.
  12. Does anyone know where I can buy the songs from "That is it vol1"?
  13. youtubetomp3music, easy and fast, offers the possibility of choosing various formats and qualities
  14. Original From Youtube Considering the difference in hertz, I don't see any other reason to blame the problem of low quality. The problem lies with the user who uploads the video/audio. If he uploads it in bad quality, it will be downloaded in bad quality. I have to say that it is a detail of GG to upload the audio in good quality. PD: Also highlight the service that is used to download the music, I do not know if I can put examples of this.
  15. Has the name been changed? I can't find it on my list
  16. Why not directly from youtube instead of that tedious work?
  17. so we must assume that all the songs in this mix are from X-Code?
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