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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aVkFavGLSg Tracklist soon
  2. Not the best mix, but I'm in loop with 1041G
  3. Please, avoid to speak in any language than english or german. You can speak in whatever language you want by PM.
  4. Sure, is the same, but you should add 1ora o 2ora 😉 For "Il cammino": http://media.m2o.it/legacy/reloaded/gigidag/gigidag_DD_MM_YY.mp3 For "Quello che mi piace": http://media.m2o.it/legacy/reloaded/gigidag/gigidag_DD_MM_YY_Xora.mp3 Where DD is the Day, MM the Month, YY the Year and X the first or the second hour. Il cammino is since 18/07/2007 to 20/07/2009, QCMP is since 10/10/2009 to 26/12/2009. As Phil said, m2o recorded a few "puntatas" wrong (like 09/01/2008 with swapped parts or 24/01/2008, is literally cut at the beggining or others are duplicated).
  5. http://media.m2o.it/legacy/reloaded/gigidag/gigidag_DD_MM_YY.mp3 Where DD is the Day, MM the Month and YY the Year ;)
  6. Not long ago, I checked that the files were still on the m2o website, I'll see if I can find the link.
  7. Great! Did you get it from a public site? In order to be able to help someone find it if they are looking for it. 😉
  8. Has anyone noticed that some songs are taken directly from QCMP?
  9. I wasn't expecting it either, but I was pleasantly surprised. By the way, listening to the released song, I'm sure Gigi was looping from 1:29 to 1:44. And to be honest, I don't think the "extended" version exists, it must be this one without the sound fades. Maybe the beginning is a bit longer, but I don't think much more.
  10. It's been a while since anyone said the songs were made by Mondello. Gigi must be biting her nails waiting for the copyright claims... oh wait, it was GG who had to delete some songs from Facebook? I always read the same thing but there is no proof. "Yeah, Mondello uploaded it first!" Ah, in that case we should give the credits of some songs by, for example, Zeta Reticuli to a youtube user called Gigi_italo_fan96 for having uploaded them first, is that right? It doesn't make sense. Enjoy that we have official versions (cutted, to be honest 😅).
  11. And again, a cutted version 🤷‍♂️ Also I noticed the song ends with the beginning of the song 😂
  12. Yes, seems this is the difference. Maybe he change the equalization or adjust the volume of the hihats at 3:37, but it's basically the same.
  13. This track is made for this album, I don't think Gigi has made this track for the live sets 😅
  14. Song 25 is a Gigi D'Agostino song, so it wouldn't be released on this album
  15. "Lento Violento - Celebrator" is the last track from Tuttodag Random 2 but slightly different. Why it doesn't have a tracklist in Web-Mixes?
  16. All songs are fully available through the old website. Major Lazer Feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze - Keep It Going Louder [So Shifty Remix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as001.mp3 Slam - Distant Voice [Original Mix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as002.mp3 Opa Cupa - Neelia [Original Mix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as003.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as004.mp3 Amr Diab - Habeebee Ya Nour El Ein [Remix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as007.mp3 Sancocho E' Tigres - Lujo De Pobre [The Pobretons Cumbiaton Remix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as008.mp3 DJ Pierre & Green Velvet vs Phuture - Acid Trax 2011 [Original 2011 Mix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as009.mp3 Schlachthofbronx - Chambacu [samim Remix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as010.mp3 Mario Zar - Bellevue (Tool 2) https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as011.mp3 Diplo - Horsey [Original Mix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as012.mp3 Who Cares - Lucky Larry [samples Remix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as014.mp3 Lady Gaga - Bloody Mary https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as015.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as016.mp3 Munchi - Pero Que Lo Que Mujer https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as017.mp3 Lento Violento - Stay Low https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as018.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as019.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as020.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as021.mp3 Paolo Conte - La Topolino Amaranto https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as022.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as023.mp3 Lento Violento & Gigi D'Agostino - The Crystal Lake [Mantra Dag Personal Trip 2002 Mix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as024.mp3 Louis Slipperz, Exel & Moodie - Outro [Original Mix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as025.mp3 Nightmares On Wax - Passion [Original Mix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as026.mp3 Bruno Mars Feat. Damian Marley - Liquor Store Blues https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as027.mp3 Feel Good Productions - Nelus Theme [Original Mix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as030.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as031.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as032.mp3 Daddy's Favourite - Auntie Agony ['Gigi D'Agostino Trip'] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as033.mp3 Eloy - Angel In Disguise ['Gigi D'Agostino Trip'] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as034.mp3 Inti-Illimani - El Mercado Testaccio ['Gigi D'Agostino Trip'] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as035.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/as036.mp3 Mr Dendo - The Trouble https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/dendo1.mp3 Gigi D'Agostino - Ti Amo Un Mare https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/gd1.mp3 Michele Zarrillo - Cinque Giorni ['Gigi D'Agostino Canta'] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/gd2.mp3 Gigi D'Agostino - Essenza (Mondo dag) https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/gd3.mp3 Lento Violento - Hermosa Locura https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/gd4.mp3 Gigi D'Agostino - Words Are So Easy To Say ['Gigi D'Agostino Tanz'] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/gd5.mp3 ? ? ? (Réveille Moi) https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/gd6.mp3 Gigi D'Agostino - Stay (Lento Violento classic) https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/gd7.mp3 Eros Ramazzotti - Una Storia Importante ['Gigi D'Agostino Canta'] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/gd8.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/gd9.mp3 Vasco Rossi - Vivere Una Favola ['Gigi D'Agostino Canta'] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/gd21.mp3 LuHa MsM - In Piazza https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/luha1.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/old1.mp3 Gigi Noisemaker - Form 17 (Hypnotic) https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/ros1.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/ros2.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/ros3.mp3 Gigi Noisemaker - Form 30 (Reggae Dag) https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/spigne1.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/spigne2.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/spigne3.mp3 Claude Bolling - Borsalino Theme ['Gigi D'Agostino Trip'] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/st1.mp3 Lento Violento & Gigi D'Agositno - Tennessee https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/st2.mp3 Scialadance - (Do You Have) The Force https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/st3.mp3 Lento Violento - Partenopeo (facimm’ammore) https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/uap1.mp3 Sander Van Doorn feat. Carol Lee - Love Is Darkness https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/h9.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/h10.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/h11.mp3 Niklas Harding Presents Arcane - Ice Beach [Original Mix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/h12.mp3 Rex Mundi feat. Susana - Nothing At All [Original Mix] https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/h13.mp3 https://story.casadag.com/casadag/uploads/gigifoto/h15.mp3 Thanks to @ShadowMP for the tracklist
  17. A friend of mine says he's pretty sure that Gigi played on Tropics in 2005 an "extended" intro of Again without the Again part (omg, I hope I expressed well myself). This and for other reason is why I think is not a recently track.
  18. Well, I think the track is before that version of Again, because the album name says 1995-2015. Maybe it was a proof of concept song and now they release it. Isn't the first time GG start a new song with an older one.
  19. The post before mine, Yunsung posted two videos, one of them is "Vaporetto", but Gigi uploaded the wrong song because he had re-uploaded "Happy laser". Now seems like Gigi set that video as private and Yunsung has edit the post.
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