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Source of some songs


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Hello Everyone

last time on YT and similar services appeared songs like "Ti Amo Un Mare", "Gli Anni", "Mad World". Does anyone know where they come from? How is it possible that they exist, if Gigi has no radio show (or I don't know something)?

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I don't know about the source of these specific songs, but I do know that it isn't rocket sience to record te line output of a mixing desk.
The source of these songs might as well be the direct output from one of Gigi's live performances.

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Ti Amo un Mare ==> posted as a special demo sample by Gigi on CasaDAG.com (the official forum) [there are more similar samples on the site!]

Gli Anni ==> recorded by an unknown individual on a live show of Gigi D'Agostino in Italy (the live itself hasn't been released)

Mad World ==> recorded by an unknown individual on a live show (no full / HQ version exists)

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Do you have a link to this special demo samples by Gigi on CasaDAG.com ?

Clearly, there is no full / HQ version of Mad World but there is an acceptable quality

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There are many other unreleased songs, that got leaked on the web. Some songs from the first "Some Experiments" Tracklist like "Favola Fantastica" for example, a full version of Again (Gigi Tanz), some songs from 2002/2003 and more.

Many were recorded directly from livesets. Gigi also stated on Casa Dag, that he left a CD bag in Czech years ago in 2002.

There also is a promo cd with extended versions of "Hymn" & "Taurus" wich was recently discovered. Maybe more of these cd's exist.

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From what source is then actually IL MIO CANTO LIBERO from the Maestro?

White the one of you?

The Track is on any compilation what no made in the CASA DAG!

And on his Radio Show IL CAMMINO he was never played!!!! :keineahnung:

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