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Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Smoderanza 2

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Ich finde man sollte zufrieden sein, was Gigi realese. 😉

Immer noch stark das Gigi D'Agostino noch Musik macht. 😉

Trotz seiner Rückschläge mit seiner Krankheit, Gigi ist genauso wie ich ein Kämpfer.... 

Die Musik entwickelt sich wie das Leben immer weiter.... ich finde es gut das Gigi etwas ältere Songs auf Smoderanza vol. 2 gepackt hat aber auch neue songs.... Eine Gute Mischung wie ich finde. 😉

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Zuerst einmal: schön das es Gigi besser geht und er die Schmerzen überwunden hat und nach vorn schaut 🙂

Zu Smoderanza 2:

Wie schon bei den Lalaumpa-Folgen bin ich jetzt nicht so geflasht vom ersten Eindruck/ersten Hören. Insgesamt ist dieser Stil/Sound des Albums jetzt nicht ganz so mein Fall. Beim mehrmaligen Hören gibt's dann aber doch den ein oder anderen Track der mir gefällt. Hier meine Favoriten:

Colorful (Strange Vocals, irgendwie ambivalent. Mutig sowas eher experimentelles als Einstiegssong zu wählen. Hat aber irgendwie was. Da bin ich echt zwiegespalten.

Goodbye Bonsoire (Schön treibend. Für mich mit einer der besten Songs des Albums.)

My Dreams (Mir gefällt die Version der Smoderanza 1 besser, aber ich finde die alternative Version hier hat auch was.)

Amor Valiente (Leider bisschen kurz, aber dennoch stimmungsvoll. Geht richtig nach vorn. Gehört für mich ebenfalls zu den besten Songs des Albums.)

Mente Caminando (Ein bisschen Treno Lento Style für zwischendurch.)

Around Down (Ebenfalls für mich Treno Lento Vibes. Gefällt.)

Intorno (Hab mir schon länger ne Vollversion dieses Songs gewünscht. Bekannt durch die Ankündigung vom Wake-Up Festival 2018. Mit einer meiner Lieblingssongs vom Album)

Stelle (Endlich die Vollversion, die aber auch nicht so sehr viel mehr zu bieten hat als die Preview. Hier eben nur in voller Länge. Hab den Song inzwischen zu oft gehört glaube ich. Mochte ihn aber mal sehr und hab mir immer die Vollversion gewünscht. Deswegen besser spät als nie 🙂)

PS: die Versionen von I can See und Words of Love gefallen mir hier hier nicht so wie die Originalversionen, also die die man aus den Mixen kennt. Von diesen Songs, inklusive von Proud of Me (Version September Mix 2017), hoffe ich noch auf die Veröffentlichungen. 



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Domani (GIGI DAG & LUC ON 2004 Mix)

Hätte nie im Leben gedacht, das dieser Song nochmal release wird. 🙂

wie wunderbar das Gigi diesen Song auf die Smoderanza 2 gepackt hat. 😉

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Here are some thoughts about the album.

The one and only track I skip all the times is Colorful - it's boring and hurt my ears >_<

Suoni Del Sole is good lento track with eastern vibe I like a lot. 

Goodbye Bonsoire... That song is so simple and poppy and yet I can't stop humming it. It gets into your head and won't let go, so yes, 10/10 from me. Gigi did it again (at least for me). 

I'll Be with You is not a bad track, but I prefer instrumental version more.

Fly in to the Night is another great hit for me. I like the mood it creates. 

Tuki Tuki is INSANE! I mean for the first time I heard it I thought: "What the F$$K is this?!". But the more I listening to it the more I like that "childish", somewhat reckless vibe of this track. 9/10. 

This Words of Love version is strange. I like vocals here, but overall sound and synth is not my cup of tea, it's pretty flat and "rustic". I hope there is another version of this track somewhere on Gigi's HDD with more rich sound and samples. 

The I Can See version here is not that bad, but I prefer Smoderanza 1 version more.

I really love vocoder vocals on My Dreams, it's a good track overall, but I miss original vocals here a lot.

Far West is just a BOMB! Awesome track, 10/10.

Lentanova is a good filler track for me, but nothing special. 

Amor Valiente is also good and powerful track, but can't say I would like to listen it a lot. 

Mente Caminando is a total filler track for me. 

Sole Nuvoloso is interesting. I like it thought at one point while listening I want to skip it already 🙂 

Around Down is just great! Another 10/10 from me. 

Fisafonica is ol' good one and I like it ends just in time, ideal track length for me. 

Intorno creates beautiful atmosphere around, I like it a lot. 

I'm not a huge fan of Stelle, it's a skip track for me most of the times.

Fiero Pensiero is great, this track have perfect length, it didn't get boring and ends on a peak of it's grace. 

Giramondo, Bella Stagione and Domani are not bad tracks at all, but they just didn't fit my current mood at that moment. I will gave them a chance a bit later.


Overall I like Smoderanza 2 more than the 1 🙂 


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Btw, I noticed similar moments in Domani and Sostanza Noetica. One melody is pure major, while another starts in minor and ends in major, but both melodis have similar patterns. Key in both tracks is the same or it's a parallel keys. Also Bella Stagione sounds like it was composed in same period with Domani and Sostanza Noetica.

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Colorful 2/10   

 Suoni Del Sole 5/10 

Goodbye Bonsoire 9/10  

I'll Be with You 2/10 

Fly in to the Night 8/10 

Tuki Tuki 1/10 

Words of Love 6/10 

I Can See 4/10 

My Dreams 4/10 

Far West 9/10 

Lentanova 5/10 

Amor Valiente 6/10 

Mente Caminando 6/10

Sole Nuvoloso 9/10

Around Down 6/10 

Fisafonica 8/10

Intorno 6/10 

 Stelle 4/10 

Fiero Pensiero 5/10 

Giramondo 8/10 

Bella Stagione 6/10

Domani 7/10  


I don't understand Gigi. He has more than 1000 unreleased music and he doesn't publish the good ones, he publishes Luca Noise's modern (Because Luca's work was much better 15 years ago) projects. It was a completely reckless move.

It can be seen from YouTube views and comments that smoderanza 2 is doing poorly. Maybe Gigi will come to her senses and at least upload the demodag songs for free or there will be a more serious album of old super music.

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I don't understand Gigi. He has more than 1000 unreleased music and he doesn't publish the good ones.

I do not understand him too. But I think the point here is Gigi's mood and condition at that moment. You can't understand the creator, since he have his own motives and his own point of view on these tracks. 

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Habe mir das Album jetzt mehrmals angehört. Für mich ist Smoderanza 2 insgesamt ein sehr Gutes Album! 😉 Mir gefällt auch an dem Album das es neue Songs enthält, sowie wo ich etwas überrascht war, es aber gut finde das Gigi & Luca ältere Songs, kleine Schätze mit auf Smoderanza 2 gepackt haben. 😉 🙂

Colorful 6/10  

 Suoni Del Sole 2/10

Goodbye Bonsoire 9/10  

I'll Be with You 10/10

Fly in to the Night 9/10 

Tuki Tuki 7/10 

Words of Love 6/10 

I Can See 6/10 

My Dreams 4/10 

Far West 4/10 

Lentanova 5/10 

Amor Valiente 4/10 

Mente Caminando 5/10

Sole Nuvoloso 7/10

Around Down 7/10 

Fisafonica 6/10

Intorno 4/10 

 Stelle 5/10 

Fiero Pensiero 5/10 

Giramondo 7/10 

Bella Stagione 7/10

Domani 9/10  

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For me this release as the same level of creativity as "Lalaumpa", which means average at best. Probably "Smoderanza 2" would be released in the time when first "Tuttodag" was published. There was a lot of still unreleased tracks with Luca. Unfortunately we know what happened later, and now we got what we got.

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Goodbye Bonsoire ist wirklich toll und hat etwas von La Passion. Grad diese Melodie.

Giramondo erinnert mich auch sofort an Amorelettronico/Un Giorno Credi

Insgesamt klingt das Album wie eine Reise in den frühen 00ern. Der alte Gigi Sound. Echt toll. Hier und da hätte es in der zweiten Hälfe mehr Vocals sein können.

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Time for a short review:wahnsinnig:

Let's start with the fact that it's great to see Gigi is coming back and is recovering from his disease! Producing and publishing new music, and this year he is back on the console aswell!:gigirockdahouse:


Now back to "Smoderanza 2"

At first I did not know what to expect, will this release only contain the new productions from Gigi and Luca? Will we find some older (Lento Violento) tracks on this album, or some of the publications from the youtube mixes Lalaumpa?

01. Colorful (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Radio Mix)
Opening track, Colorful it is indeed. Happy and colorful vibe, but the lyrics itself are a bit strange if you ask me,...🧐

Yes, this is much better! Sounds and feels like Le Serpent or the older La Tana del Suono sound, Serpent's sister?! Cool track, like it! 
03. Goodbye Bonsoire (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix)
A new track in French language. Nice track, some influences from La passion like tracks. And it keeps echoing in my head.
04. I'll Be with You (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix)
Glitter with lyrics? Cool idea! 

05. Fly in to the Night (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix)
Funny track, maybe I prefer a instrumental version more. 
06. Tuki Tuki (Radio GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix)
Yeaaaahhhaaaa Tuki Tuki!!! Good and nice track! Love it. However it seems like the bassline at the first half is missing or muffled, thats a pitty. I think this track would be better with a proper and deeper bassline!
07. Words of Love (Radio GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix)
Finally the lyrics version! Come let's sing along!! Forever...together!!! Now fingers crossed Gigi will release the live version on a future release

Like the version form Smoderanza 1, nice track. But I don't like the special bleeps and funny sounds.

09. My Dreams (Fluo GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix)
My goodness....what happend here. Gig & Luca, please skip the "Fluo Mix" on future tracks, okay??
10. Far West (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix)
Nice one, love the middle part with that Jawharp like sound.
Good, look. If this is what Gigi & Luca meant with Lentanova I'm good with it. Very nicely done. 
12. Amor Valiente (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix)
Decent track, nothing special though
13. Mente Caminando (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix)
Let's go! Deep start, nice melodic...

14. Sole Nuvoloso (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix)
Same as Amor Valiente, nice decent track.

Nah, not for me. Skipper
16. Fisafonica (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO 2006 Mix)
Didn't expect this one on this album! Lets's f*cking bring back the memories, good vibes and absolute good music from summer 2006...Out of mind Zero-sei!:super:

Second suprise, love this one!
18. Stelle (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix)
Nope, don't know what, but I skip this one...
19. Fiero Pensiero (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix)
Good, love this up-tempo track......but it's waaaay to short....
20. Giramondo (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO 2004 Mix)
Back to 2004. Great track, love the synth and old style.. Well done!

21. Bella Stagione (GIGI DAG & LUC ON 2004 Mix)

22. Domani (GIGI DAG & LUC ON 2004 Mix)
Is this track the second part of Bella stagione? Love this one aswell, the good old spirit in this track!

This is another decent album, some experimental tracks on it. A few suprises here and there, not as big as on Smoderanza 1.
However it fits perfectly in the Smoderanze theme!
For me, the last 7 tracks saved the album, and pumped it! It's not the best album from Gigi & Luca, they can do way better.




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