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  1. And when Mondo Reale was announced again in 2011 and not released, what did we get in 2012? That's right, nothing! That's that theory. Your optimism is crazy. Yes of course much is pointing to a release happening, but just as much is pointing to it never happening. Just like in the past. But I guess it's easy to stay optimistic when you ignore the past. Can you explain why I should have faith in the release happening? I'm all ears.
  2. Looks interesting. Nice with actual releases rather than Mondo Virtuale and Sick’o Dance.
  3. Actually it is from 2010, not 2016. Does that mean you don’t like any of Gigi’s music from 2010 onwards? Regarding quality. It is stupid to compare something that only has been made ready for upload on youtube and what is released on cd/digital for buying customers. Or do you honestly expect the same level of finish/quality of mastering on the hundreds of uploads on youtube, as is the case for an actual release?
  4. I got banned for pointing out a song was made by DOS :p And they even block your IP address, so when I created a new account it was instantly blocked :D
  5. I completely agree. Most of the time it seems the term "compilation" is forced on just because there is just one song with another/additional artist name. But that has been the case for everything released by Gigi since L'Amour Toujours II. In my my mind Suono Libero is an album. Why highlight something so minor? That's not nice :S
  6. Yes of course, but he didn't use it for uploading unreleased tracks, new mixes, live trailers etc. until about 2015 :)
  7. A lot of times, yes. Previously everything was released on Noisemaker, which means more secrecy anyway. No matter how punctual and reliable Luca has been, when Gigi is involved that is not really an argument. Yes. And also little more concrete details in some cases. We all need to face it. There are no indications that anything is different this time. We might have gotten some details about what songs might appear on the album through videos, but Gigi hadn't adopted Youtube back when we waited for Mondo Virtuale.
  8. AWESOME!!! Now we just need Oxygene IV :D And it's nice to see that he is a fan. By the way, I strongly recommend his two part album Electronica 1 and 2! Best albums I have bought since Suono Libero :)
  9. Nor would he say anything in Danish, so I settled on translating it to English :)
  10. You forgot the most likely: - Gigi: "Oh, I don't want to release anything anyway. Should I inform my fans? Nah!"
  11. Yes he collaborated. You also forgot to mention Passo Folk (Marcia Tesa), which is also done completely by Mondello. But Gigi did back then and still owns the alias. There is no indication that it is a project by both on equal terms. Also, Gigi has been using the alias before and after the period you mentioned. Or do you hear a lot of Mondello on Ieri e Oggi Mix vol. 1? Sometimes that is how other artists gets their stuff released. Gigi releases it as his own, without the original author getting any proper recognition. If I am incorrect then I don't understand why Sosnowski was credited for Gigi's Love and Pigia Pigia, and Mondello wasn't? Applying your logic, Gigi D'Agostino is a project name by Gigi, Thomas Prioli and Carlo Oliva, since the Don't Cry Tonight remake is 100% Prioli and Oliva. I read that, 11 years ago.
  12. That is complete rubbish. Where are you getting that idea from?
  13. As Phil stated the "Manafecca" version is from Oliva and Prioli not Gigi. It was released under their project name Opera. Gigi's version appeared in Il Cammino quite a long time later and have no connection with Opera - War. I think you are overanalyzing (everything...).
  14. Why are you sceptical? There is nothing new in Gigi announcing and release happening within a month. No.
  15. Gigi is saying in the first weeks of 2018, so it should be January :)
  16. Honestly, I am not at all impressed. The bass and kick are cheap and it's nearly the same in all songs. The deeper tones are muddy and it's difficult to hear any details. Especially when there is something going on in the mid/higher tones. It doesn't appear that any mastering has been going on, something that becomes more apparent because of all the clipping. And all the songs are nearly identical. Strip away maybe half of the songs, and the overall impression might have been better. It might be a hard critique, but we're talking about Elena Tanz and Stefano di Carlo!! Edit: One is wondering what Gigi and Elena have been doing together all these years???
  17. @Sotto and DHF Have you received yours yet? Since I was one of the lucky winners I would have guessed I was one of the first to receive, but nothing yet :(
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