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  1. The first song is Deejay Matrix - Come to the Beach (Freddy Remix) :) http://www.junodownload.com/products/come-on-to-the-beach-2k10/1602796-02/ So none of the three mentioned above :P And I agree, the song is very good and especially this version :D
  2. From his Facebook page :) https://www.facebook.com/DeeJayMaxwell
  3. Maxwell is presenting the CD at East End Studios the 8th of March. And that will probably be the first change to buy it aswell.
  4. While listening to the WMP plugin the title of all tracks were actually displayed the 9th of January. Sadly I haven't written anything down but I remember the following three. Edvard Grieg - I Dovregubbens Hall ['War Of The Worlds »Program Of Dance Music« Resample'] --> Magna Romagna - In the Hall of the Mountain King 11. Magna Romagna - Troubles --> [Extended] Sweet Pussy Pauline - Work This Pussy ['»The Littlest Dick« Resample'] --> LuHa MsM - Clap
  5. +++ ORIGINAL POST +++ Listen to Magna Romagna right now as they are testing their radio :) http://grandanceradi...en2myradio.com/
  6. Downloaded the Dark Mix and Federico Romanzi Remix. Truly fantastic! :)
  7. Once again I would like to thank you all for a fantastic evening! :D Meeting you guys for the first time was for me just as important :) Offcourse also nice to meet you for the fourth time Sotto :D Next time Gigi comes to Germany, within 800 km from Horsens, I'll come again :) I have posted my review and experience over at IDP if anyone is interested :) http://www.italodanceportal.com/node/1000979?page=17#comment-1047248
  8. Just ordered my ticket :) I'm driving with my brother and two of his friends Brian, we would very much like to join the dinner, so please add, Maldestra (x4)
  9. I agree. Imo I cannot even hear any proper basis of inspiration
  10. On September the 15th two individual albums from LuHa will be released. The first release "About Dance And Melody" will include the more melodic tunes, while the second "Anger" will be include the harder tunes/lento violento. Both releases will include 22!!! tracks :D Check the video below for a teaser of what style to expect.
  11. Probably is. It first appeared on Cammino in 2007 :)
  12. HP http://www.junodownl...3-5/2230569-02/ INKAS, FINALLY!!!!!!! :D :D :D :wiegeil:
  13. Yes #12 is the best one so far Nice with a new remix of Il Trip Del Vagabondo remix:)
  14. I'd guess releasing remixes are too expensive Though I like the Blue remix I prefer his own creations :)
  15. @hlennarz Was this resolved within the 4-5 days as they said? I'm quite interested in proper wav quality so I'm curious Just do it in German :)
  16. http://www.junodownload.com/products/spaghetti-trip-decibel-ep-vol-2-3/2182178-02/
  17. Ahh ok, hadn't realised it was only one minute. Just saw that the player said 3:31 Still it's quite alot
  18. Is the "preview" on the page really all of the song, 3:31? With that weak fade in/out intro and outro and generic sound this is a really bad purchase in my opinion. He is releasing considerably better stuff for free on soundcloud. I know it sounds harsh but I also know he is going to release some better stuff in the future on better platforms. I'll just wait for that :-)
  19. Sorry but I couldn't really find any proper place to post this :) https://soundcloud.c...ne-on-you-crazy Looks like "Shine On You Crazy" is registerede on Evo Records and that they've uploaded it :) It is also available for download, unfortunately not the Gigi (or Dallas xD) version :( Thanks to Martin_DK for finding it :)
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