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  1. Ok, didn't know that :) Then I have the one of the first (woohoo :p ) I agree, the ZYX version is utter crap and belongs in hell. Fortunenately I also have a NM/Media Records version :)
  2. Are you sure it's the ZYX version of LT II? I didn't think the ZYX version was in a super jewel case.
  3. No you read it correctly :) But it has happened before that the release date was postponed :)
  4. Am I the only who is pessimistic (realistic)?
  5. That's a cd shop. Why not just buy a physical version? :S
  6. I hope it is there under another name, but it is unlikely :(
  7. Yeah it's very good :) Was fantastic to hear it live :O
  8. Yes. I don't believe a single word he is saying before some of us ACTUALLY have the album in our hands (or bought it online) Maxwell has actually made me not care about the album.....
  9. Still unpinned until something actually happens.......
  10. I added Mother from At Altromondo Part II :P
  11. Hmm, difficult list... I've tried with my top 10 only. Not necessarily in the right order :) 01 Gigi D'Agostino - Comportamento del Movimento 02 Gigi D'Agostino - Limpida 03 Lento Violento Man - Parlotta 04 Lento Violento Man - Impicciato (Full version) http://www.directlinkupload.com/uploads/ 05 La Tana del Suono - Mother 06 Gigi D'Agostino - Oltrepassando 07 Lento Violento Man - Vaporetto 08 Dottor Dag - Pensiero Incazzato 09 Gigi D'Agostino - Bisogna Lavorare (Dopo Lavoro Mix) / Lento Violento Man - Bisogna Lavorare 10 La Tana del Suono - Deep and Dark
  12. Downloaded and listening on -10dB (loud on this amplifier) All I can say is...
  13. The original thread can be found here :) http://www.gfu-community.de/topic/27391-wender-feat-gino-lo-spazzino-alpaca/
  14. It might be the first songs he made = the origin? I also think we got more of the "important" songs (Eden) on his album :) Anyway, I also like the tracklist :)
  15. December 2010 And in my book a mixed cd doesn't cut it, so nearly 6 years waiting for me :( (and many others) Luca haven't really let us down. It is only two years since his last cd and he has always released what he promised. But Maxwell is as bad as Gigi! We are all patient and can understand if problems occur. But this silenttreatment from Gigi and Maxwell is BS! I agree with both of you.....
  16. *UNPINNED* Until Maxwell comes out of his cave.....
  17. There sure is, Dallas has made a list with download links for everything :) https://www.facebook.com/notes/djdallas/elenco-riassuntivo-delle-mie-releases-free/475712399149470 Sorry, I missread your message.
  18. WORST - Bootleg Edition 3 ... is now available for free download :D http://adf.ly/2982312/worst3 Edit: And I would call it the best one yet!! :O
  19. No matter what, it will be good :) I'm more interested in this actually :D
  20. I don't get it either.... I would have guessed that "Presentazione ufficiale del nuovo album" meant that we would actually get information about the album, like, releasedate, tracklist etc. The only thing that has surfaced from the two "presentations" is a video of Maxwell playing Rispetto e dignità.
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