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    @musicista_bavarese: I think you must be right, "I'll give an advice out" sounds correct to me 🙂 The more I listen to "Gigi's Time", the more I think its an absolute masterpiece... its a very well-composed and delightful piece of art from Gigi... hands up for the production.. I like how things are going now... as the lyrics says "don't be afraid to ask for more" - Gigi we're really asking for more here! 😃
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    Whohooo and the Gigi's train keeps going and going. A New E. P. is on it's way, and accordig to the title of it we can be sure we get nice tracks on it! One of it Gigi Just has announced on YouTube "keep your head UP"
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    Here are some more corrections based on what I hear, although I also can't guarantee that they are right. - Note: I put the corrections directly in the citation 😉 - What I can tell for sure is that Gigi's and Davide's English is not perfect (but nor is mine ;)) Maybe they want to say "It's just a matter of time (until you have doubts)". For sure "I'll givin' advice out" is grammatically wrong, but my version "I'll give an advice out" still sounds awkward to my ears Nevertheless, let's not forget that it's not easy to find a proper text that fits the rhythm of the song... especially if it isn't your mother tongue (which is the case here for Gigi and Davide, I guess). So it's no surprise that this text also seems to contain some (linguistic) mistakes... Anyway, way more important: Absolutely amazing song!!! Grazie Gigi e Davide!
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    I agree. Also with Marani's accent, live can sound a little like leave. Here are my suggestions for correction. I am hearing "There's no end to hope", which is also more positive than no hand to hold. Whenever things are goin' wrong don't give up, hold it on Whenever things ain't looking fair, my hand will be there... Its doesn't matter having doubt I'll givin' advice out I could be right or even wrong... … well, just let's go on… This life… made to live and fight… into… We will make it through. Keep your head up lots of surprises are... in store Keep your head up, don't be afraid to ask… … for more. … there's no end to hope... oh no...
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    You’re right, I didn’t think about editing the “I’ll” and “Its”.
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    wow ... das gefällt sogar mir! Die Hoffnung lebt! 🙂
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    Sehr schönes Teil! Ist ihm sehr gut gelungen 😄 Freu mich schon auf weitere Songs der E.P.
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    Bitte bitte bitte auch 'love has been waiting' 😍
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    Ich finde diesen Song auch wunderbar. hät ich nie im Leben erwartet. man darf gespannt sein, was noch kommen darf. persönlich würde ich mich über eine complex Version freuen- die es bis jetzt auch nur live zu hören gab.
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    Auch hier nochmal- eine echte Perle! Und wenn dieser Stil bei der EP so bleibt, wie bei den zwei Songs, dann isses genau mein Ding! Wiedermal ne EP, die als Überraschung und ohne Ankündigung kommt...wunderschön 🙂 Es läuft derzeit wie am fließenden Band bei Gigi...so viele Produktionen... so kann es ruhig weitergehen 😄
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