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  1. I feel the same Fantastic song! Please let there be a full version on the album
  2. Here is something odd I’ve noticed. The recent youtube videos have gotten a thread on Casa Dag, but the threads are in the forum section “CD / Vinili / Digital Stores”. Does it mean the songs are being released properly, or have Gigi just not given it much thought where to place the threads?
  3. Release by Magna Romagna... *** pinch my self *** I am awake!
  4. Why not focus on the positive? The song is released in full, with an actual intro. A good intro. Have you heard an older unmixed version of the song we haven't? No, so why complain that Gigi has finalized the song for release?
  5. Ahh, sounds right. Personally I will just list Gigi as artist on mine. Thx for the screenshot. Edit: The same is the case for the rest of the the releases, Scialescion, Lentonauta etc.
  6. Still doesn't show for me. However when I go into song credits I can see it. Makes little sense. Why is Gigi listed twice as artist (Gigi D'Agostino and Lento Violento) ?
  7. When I check Spotify, Tidal, Youtube etc. I can only see Gigi D'Agostino listed as artist?
  8. Yeah it makes sense with a reprint. I would guess Fede has payed for the cds out of his own pocket, so if he ordered way more than demand, he would be at a loss :S But now that the high demand has definitely been confirmed, he can safely order more copies.
  9. Nicely written Sotto What I find interesting is that the quicker, more upbeat lento tracks of Movenza and Festina Lente were kicked out in the first round in Song Survivor Vol. 13 (Treno Lento) and Vol. 12 (Fastolento). And the votes were against them with big margins. What is it about those songs, that people disliked?
  10. Yes, and neither are they on junodownload anymore. I haven't checked other lossless download sites, but it seems Tidal is slowly getting a monopoly on lossless tracks (bastards!)
  11. You're right, I might have been too hasty. Prepotanz is actually a whole 2 min longer. I might buy it, but 24€ on Tidal is a bit steep, I've just bought Scialescion and We Will Fly for 33€ total :P Do you guys think a remaster was necessary? In my ears the Decibel EP's were especially good and dynamic with very little clipping.
  12. Completely agree! I'm only at Hotel California, and HOLY ****!!! What a fantastic release, GRAZIE GIGI!
  13. I'm struggling to see the point of that release. 10 out of 12 I allready own. I could pay a fortune on Tidal for the entire release in lossless to get the two tracks I don't have, which comes in at around 12€ per track in Denmark. Or pay about 3,4€ for individual tracks in MP3 quality on places like Google, which is equally absurd. There might be subtle changes to the existing tracks, but based on previews they are too subtle for me.
  14. It’s just a photo. Anyway I just thought it was out since Marius here is the tracklist. Abwarten und Tee trinken
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