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Neues von Federico Romanzi & Mr Dendo... [Spaghetti Trip]

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Short sample.  Mini Album, inspired by the sounds of nature, and the nature of the sound.  A walk in the nature of 1000 years ago...  From 22 August available ONLY on Bandcamp. From Sep

Schön mal Mr. Dendo, Fede und andere bekannte Gesichter in nem Video zu sehen...aber der Rest gefällt mir persönlich nicht. Weder spricht mich diese Art von Musik besonders an, noch dieses Video, noch

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Schöner Chromatics Remix!! auch ne schöne Symbiose dann mit La Passion!

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From Federico Facebook:


Ciao a tutti! 
Dai primi giorni di settembre inizieranno due appuntamenti fissi con me e la mia musica.
Un radioshow dai battiti lenti, i primi di ogni mese, con brani miei e non solo.
Una pseudo-diretta dal mio studio verso il 15 di ogni mese, mentre creo suoni, butto giu accordi, faccio cose etc.

Seems like we will have new show/set two times a month from Federico Romanzi, starting September.

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Am Montag gibt es die nächste Folge :)

Der Vollständigkeit halber hier noch die Tracklisten:
Episode 1:
1 Backyard by Federico Romanzi
2 Acid Town by Federico Romanzi [Vuira]
3 El Viaje by Vitalic Official [Clivage Music (UMG)]
4 Stole the Show by Kygo feat. Parson James [Kygo Music]
5 Fellinian by Federico Romanzi
6 En Secret (Federico Romanzi edit) by Teeyah
7 Aladdin by Federico Romanzi
8 El Negro Zumbón (Federico Romanzi remix) by ArmandoTrovajoli
9 Lark by Au Revoir Simone (band) [Our Secret Record Company]
10 ID by Federico Romanzi
11 Ventura by Hal Incandenza [@Natura Natura Sonoris Label]
12 Mona ki ngi xica (Synapson remix) by Bonga [Luaka Bop]
13 The Old Mill by Tamborder [Vuira]
14 Escape by Federico Romanzi
15 Palomita by Nu [Ouïe]
16 ID by Federico Romanzi
17 Shout (Federico Romanzi bootleg) by Tears for Fears
18 Ferite D'Amore by Federico Romanzi [FFlabel]

Episode 2:
1 Jump (Giant Leap) by Marcapasos
2 Piece of You by Ferry Corsten feat. HALIENE
3 Diamond Veins by French 79
4 My Love For You by Oussema Saffar
5 La Percusion by Ottomix & Yano
6 Abrir by Zulu Natives
7 Tropico by Federico Romanzi
8 Legendary by Sonic Samurai
9 Unity by Federico Romanzi
10 Higher by Moet
11 Desireless by Federico Romanzi
12 Doina Sus Pe Culmea Dealului (Federico Romanzi remix) by Gheorge Zamfir
13 Eternity by Vitalic Official
14 Spigolo (Loop) by Federico Romanzi
15 Axolotl (Roadhouse mix) by The Veils
16 Wandering Mind by Brist
17 Long Distance Love by Tamborder


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Soundburger radioshow #3

Download here: https://goo.gl/FxMsar
1 Makeba (Federico Romanzi remix) by JAIN
2 Etr 500 by Federico Romanzi
3 Carbonar by Federico Romanzi
4 Lowis (Federico Romanzi edit) by Anton X
5 ID by Federico Romanzi
6 Asherah by Federico Romanzi
7 Yucatan by Federico Romanzi
8 Il Dubbio by Federico Romanzi
9 Milky Bar by Gerolamo Sacco & Moira
10 Luna Park by Federico Romanzi
11 Sfascione by Federico Romanzi
12 First Wolf in Space by Federico Romanzi
13 Tennis by Federico Romanzi
14 3 AM Jazz Club by Dan Shake
15 Stavo Pensando a Te by Fabri Fibra

Quelle: https://www.facebook.com/federomanzi/posts/10155707507369774


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Quelle ergänzt
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In this mix i selected a lot of old tracks i've made in the past, even demos or raw versions, to communicate the essence of my idea of music, without loosing time on perfecting things, as often i did. It's longer then the other chapter, maybe because it's Xmas, maybe not. I don't know. Enjoy!


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1 Giardino in Blu by Federico Romanzi
2 Hope by Federico Romanzi

3 Pizzica by Federico Romanzi
4 Out of the Bam by Spaghetti Trip
5 Arcano by Federico Romanzi
6 Meteora by Federico Romanzi
7 Sintonia by Federico Romanzi
8 Eternity (Federico Romanzi remix) by Datura
9 Metropolis by Federico Romanzi
10 Luna Scura by Federico Romanzi
11 Sogno by Federico Romanzi
12 Mondi Lontani by Federico Romanzi
13 ID by Federico Romanzi
14 Amatrician by Federico Romanzi
15 Metallik by Federico Romanzi
16 ID by Federico Romanzi
17 ID by Federico Romanzi
18 ID by Federico Romanzi
19 Gli Occhi parlano sempre by Federico Romanzi
20 ID by Federico Romanzi
21 Zoo by Federico Romanzi
22 ID by Federico Romanzi
23 e nemmeno il titolo (Federico Romanzi remix) by Non so chi sia l'autore
24 Viaggiando by Federico Romanzi
25 L'Alba by Federico Romanzi

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Am 2/7/2016 um 03:47 schrieb zabuyaque:

Federico Romanzi - Partire

Die Vocals sind auch aus Waking Life (-> Programmino 102) :)

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Es sieht glaube ich so aus als ob Cielo und Liberta bald erscheinen!!! Soooooo super!!!! :-)

Auf Federicos Romanzis Facebook Seite seht mehr darüber, sorry weiss nicht wie ich den Orginal Post von Facebook hierher kopiern kann! :-(


CIELO, LIBERTA... qualcho brano ancora inedito? CD?

Vinile? Musicacassetta? Riflettevo...


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