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Lento Violento - Tecnotonica

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It's here!!!

01. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Spinge Mas (Mantra Dag Psico Loop Mix)
02. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Well in the Bell (Shaky Bell Gigi Noise Maker & Noetica Trip Mix)
03. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Dressage (Cavaliere Trip Gigi Noise Maker & Noetica Trip Mix)
04. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Sbruffone (Radio Mantra Dag Mix)
05. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Danzofono (Socievole Cordiale Mix)
06. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Mossa Dag (Mantra Dag Extended Mix)
07. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Parlotta (Mantra Dag Psico Loop Extended Mix)
08. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - I Dig It (Radio Mantra Dag Mix)
09. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Trasmission (Mantra Dag Psico Loop Extended Mix)
10. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Happy Laser (En Giacca E’ blu Mantra Dag Mix)
11. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Vitamina Dag (Mantra Dag Psico Loop Extended Mix)
12. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Vaporetto (Fuori Controllo Extended Mix)
13. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Lala Es Todo (Radio Mantra Dag Mix)
14. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Spinge Mas (Mantra Dag Psico Loop Extended Mix)
15. Lento Violento, GIGI NOISE MAKER - Sbruffone (Mantra Dag Extended Mix)

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War das lange nicht der Wunsch das dieser Song als Vollversion heraus kommt?

das wurde doch damals doch gewünscht oder?

Edited by Yunsung
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vor 1 Stunde schrieb DJ Maldestra:

Vaporetto is… 9 min long!!!

And it is a masterpiece!!! 😄

Easily worth the wait of 13-14 years 🙂❤️ 

The 9 minute version, that's a dream come true. 

Have heard that version like two or three times live @altromondo, was incredible experience 

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vor 25 Minuten schrieb Yunsung:


Wow...was für ne Version. Und das scheint nur ein 9 minütiger Auszug einer noch längeren Version zu sein...

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