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Seems likely that the first version will be published on this new EP aswell.


There is a subtitle added to it (Little Longer Version), in addition all the text is in Capitals aswell.




So I found another 2 songs aswell, however I doubt if those will be released on the Vibration EP. Since the artist is only Gigi D'Agostino and not Gigi & Luca....
Maybe Gigi is planning a solo release in the near future?:support:

All capitols and added subtitel ( TEMPO MIX)


Same here aswell...


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Mir gefallen bisher alle Tracks! Mag den Stil total. Und ich hoffe das es Gigi besser geht und er aktiv mit an den Releases beteiligt ist.

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vor 14 Minuten schrieb henk_jan:


Die Reise geht weiter!! Bin so froh🙂 Mega was er derzeit alles raushaut!

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Scheint auch noch ein weiteres neues Release zu kommen. Steht in der Tracklist unter dem Video (Thx Jan), an Minute 18:36. 

Gigi d' Agostino & Luca Noise - "Warm up" (Lento Violento & Astro Musico Mix). Release 26.8🙂

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